Who we are ?

We are ardent representer of a constructivist form of intercultural communication as the key factor in the evolution of business organizations to aim for “human welfare”, “environmental responsibility” and “fiscal profit” on par with each other.

Within this scope; we strongly believe and advocate to develop a working relationship that gains the respective performance objectives while also demonstrating honor and regard for business counterparts.

And Accordingly we’ve dedicated ourselves to provide consultancy service and training activities to mitigate the challenge of managing diverse workforce and comply with rapidly shifting changes.

In this context, we want to make international trade between companies easier and more effective and thus contribute to globalization.

Our References

We are a German company in the camera installation industry. The guys from Terra Nova Business & Sales Consulting were able to provide us with very competent information about the Turkish market and acquire B2B customers for us. They solved all intercultural problems and we were able to sell our services efficiently in the foreign market.
Enes Delioğlu
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We are a Turkish company in the textile industry. Terra Nova advised us on the situation of the German market and its cultural characteristics. Now we reflect that our approach was wrong and we can better understand cultural contexts. Thanks to intercultural training and Terra Nova’s broad network, we were able to acquire new customers. Now we can do sustainable business.
Metin Cem
(Managing Director)
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Our Aim is to provide business executives with mounting tools by prioritization of inter-cultural communication in order to tap into successful leadership& decision-making, agile adaptation in multicultural/-polar environment, by reaching out international markets and choosing fittest workforce both in physical and digital domain.

We strongly believe that our mission is keeping central importance for doing business among culturally different sectors along with respecting core values of each party.

Incessant improvement that provides business-world with the capability to deal with cultural heterogeneity.



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